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My Fertility Journey: From Miscarriage to Pregnancy

For those of you that don’t know me, let me introduce myself. I’m Cristina, Cosmic Consultant, Intuitive Counselor, Wife and Mother. I’m passionate about helping women struggling with their fertility conceive their beautiful babies. After years of trying to not get pregnant, the time finally came to try to GET pregnant. My husband and I conceived almost immediately and I was over the moon with joy. About a month and a half later, I ended up having a painful and sudden miscarriage. At first, I held on to the hope that the baby had survived. A couple of weeks later, we confirmed through ultrasound that the baby was gone and my womb was empty. We were devastated. I worried whether I had done something wrong, whether my body was capable of carrying a healthy baby, if I would ever get pregnant again… I was torturing myself, and I was riddled with shame and guilt over the loss.

I was committed to doing the work to put myself back together and dove deep into my own self-development.

At that time, I had already been practicing energy healing, the law of attraction, manifestation, mindset work, and daily gratitude for years. I had transformed my life by doing the inner work and taking the action steps needed to turn my dreams into reality.

3 years previous to this, I had hit rock bottom and lost everything. I had a broken engagement, no money, no home, and a huge amount of debt. Once I applied all the techniques mentioned above, I attracted my dream partner, got married, paid off tons of debt, moved into my dream home, and started my own thriving business. It all happened so quickly!

This time, I was committed to doing it again. I was ready for another Cosmic Upleveling! I wanted to grow, to push myself out of my comfort zone and heal my mind and heart even further. I decided to start working with a mindset coach. I was able to identify and address specific subconscious blocks. My two biggest ones being: a fear of success and my life-long issues with weight and emotional eating due to childhood trauma and abuse. Along with my coaching, I also studied the mind-body connection. I worked intensely and purposefully. I started moving forward and healing my heart and my womb. I started feeling joy again and focusing on the daily routines that brought me happiness and peace.

I was feeling amazing!

My husband and I relaxed, regrouped and decided that we would try to conceive again and gave ourselves a 6-month break before trying. About 6 weeks after, I discovered I was pregnant. It was the biggest shock I have ever experienced in my life. I was thrilled, nervous, excited and sooo scared. What if I lost this baby too? My fear started to take over. Then, I took a deep breath, tapped into my fertility energy, shifted my mindset and chose to lean in to my faith and lean into love. That made all the difference. I now know that doing that mindset work and healing was the reason why my pregnancy happened easily and quickly. My son is beautiful and we are a happy family of three.

We all go through the fire for a reason. My reason is to help guide you through your journey so you can unleash the Cosmic Fertility inside of you, blast through your blocks and create the family of your dreams. I have been teaching and mentoring women on their Fertility Journeys for years and have seen the most incredible results. From women that are over 40 years old with secondary infertility to women who have survived a lifetime of abuse and human trafficking; the results speak for themselves. When you do the work to heal yourself and connect to the divine wisdom and energy that live inside, you can truly manifest miracles. I was blessed enough in life to have two fathers: my biological father and my adopted father, who raised me. Both have been a huge influence in my life. My biological dad is a healer, shaman and energy worker. My adopted father is a renowned OBGYN who has brought thousands and thousands of beautiful miracle babies into the world. It’s no surprise that I have a gift as an Intuitive Fertility Coach, essentially marrying both those callings into one. This work runs in my blood and is felt deeply in my heart.

Let's create miracles together.

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