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Cristina Godreau

 Your Spiritual Latina Big Sister



Cristina Godreau is a psychic intuitive, healer, and spiritual teacher.


She has been seeing, hearing, and feeling Spirit around her and experiencing helpful premonitions since the age of eight. As a spiritual teacher, she’s known for teaching individual clients and workshop classes on how to activate and develop intuitive gifts, heal inner wounds, manifesting your best, most authentic life and sacred spiritual practices for daily living.


She’s also a mentor for celebrity influencers like Chloé Daniels aka: Clo Bare Money Coach and other famous names—not to mention, hundreds of women in the
US and around the world.

Cristina provides guidance and clarity through private readings, intuitive counseling and spiritual mentorship in areas related to soul-purpose, career, business, family, love, relationships, and life changes. She is known for her ability to channel powerful messages from her client’s spirit guides, angels and loved ones who have passed. She translates those messages into practical guidance and advice for happier and more fulfilling lives.


Her signature mind, body, and soul-focused readings are as motivational and empowering as they are validating and reassuring.


Cristina is passionate about teaching others to discover their own gifts and hosts virtual workshops on intuitive development for students all over the globe. In addition, Cristina works one-on-one with clients in her signature membership program The Sisterhood and in an exclusive application-based 5-month spiritual mentorship.

She publicly speaks on discovering your purpose and life path, listening to instincts, and growing your intuitive gifts. Cristina is passionate about reaching as many people as possible with her teaching and messages, especially given that when she was learning to develop her gifts, there were limited, unrelatable resources to help. She wishes to change the spiritual paradigm in that way.

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The Sisterhood


Monthly Membership

Includes one hour of an intuitive reading and intuitive coaching session per month.

*memberships automatically renew each month on the date of initial purchase *womb healing not included *24/7 support not included