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Cristina Godreau

 Your Spiritual Latina Big Sister



Cristina Godreau is a psychic intuitive, spiritual advisor, transformational coach & teacher.


She has been seeing, hearing, and feeling Spirit around her and experiencing helpful premonitions since she was eight years old. As a spiritual teacher, she’s known for teaching individual clients and workshop classes on how to activate and develop intuitive gifts, heal inner wounds, manifesting your best, most authentic life and sacred spiritual practices for daily living.


She’s an advisor and mentor to celebrity influencers and powerful female leaders who have been featured in Business Insider, Time Magazine, CNBC, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, The Kelly Clarkson Show and more —not to mention, thousands of women in the US and around the world.


Cristina provides guidance and clarity through private readings, intuitive counseling, spiritual advising and mentorship in areas related to soul-purpose, career, business, family, love, relationships, and life changes. She is known for her ability to channel powerful messages from her client’s spirit guides, angels and loved ones who have passed. She translates those messages into clear, empowering guidance and advice for happier and more fulfilling lives.


When working with clients, Cristina implements her signature approach that blends neuropsychology, mindset techniques, energy healing, and spiritual insight into a harmonious and unique style that is completely her own. She is a Spiritual Alchemist.


She publicly speaks on discovering your purpose, listening to your instincts, growing your intuitive gifts, and manifesting your dream life. Cristina is passionate about reaching as many women as possible with her gifts and teachings.  Growing up, she developed her gifts in her hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where resources were limited and not specific to her needs and talents. She wishes to change the spiritual paradigm by making these teachings and resources as accessible as possible to as many women as possible.

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