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The Sisterhood is here.  Its time time to take bold action towards your goals, it’s time to get clear on what you want, it’s time to release the baggage weighing you down and it’s time to finally start trusting yourself. 

This is the work we do together inside a warm, loving, and sacred container of trust.  


This is the space to cry, to grieve, to dream, to feel inspired, to laugh, to feel understood, and to take bold action towards the life you want. 

I hold space for you and your big heart. And I’m honored to be doing this work with you. 

We meet monthly for 1 60 minute session and you’re sent home with customized assignments, goals, and feedback to get you going down your Highest Path. 

You also get to hear from your Spirit Guides every single month because Intuitive Readings are included in our session, always. 

I can’t wait to see you. To work with you. To shower you with the love and support you deserve while you do the hard job of growing and expanding.

Love Always,
Your Spiritual Big Sister  Cristina 


Welcome to the Sisterhood!

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Connect with Your Spiritual Big Sister

Become a Member of the Sisterhood

  • The Sisterhood

    Every month
    One Hour Intuitive Reading and Intuitive Coaching Session
    • One Hour Intuitive Reading and Intuitive Coaching Session
  • Sacred Money

    Every month
    Valid for 5 months

    *membership plans renew every month on the same day of initial purchase *womb healings not included *24/7 support not included

    *All Services Occur During Cristina's Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm EST

    Image by Diego PH

    Work with Cristina


    You’ve been through a lot.

    You’ve survived.

    You’re resilient.

    You’re strong.

    You’ve been battered and bruised by life’s ups and downs. But you’ve never given up, and you’re not about to now.

    You’re beating yourself up wanting to know WHY you’re not reaching your goals, living the life you envisioned and desperately want.

    You’re exhausted and feel like you’ve tried everything.

    Deep down inside you know there has to be more.

    It’s time for a different approach.

    You have started to feel an awakening happening.

    You feel that Inner Calling to strive for deeper levels of healing and self-work.

    You understand that the root of the issue may go much deeper than being “perfect” with whatever step by step process someone has sold you to get to your goals. 

    You are ready for your next chapter.

    You are ready to connect to yourself, to your body, and to your spirit in ways you never have before.

    This is for you.

    This is for the woman you were born to be.

    You’re ready to do the work, get uncomfortable, and go DEEP. 

    You’re ready. How do I know? Because you’re here reading this. 

    You’re ready to learn the tools that will allow you to finally let go, surrender, and trust yourself.

    You’re ready to go ALL IN, claim your divine energy and discover the power that lies inside of you.

    You’re ready to feel positive, energized and confident.

    It’s time.

    It’s time to do the work and lift those underlying blocks that are keeping you stuck.

    It’s time to let go of old beliefs and thought patterns.

    It’s time to release the stress, the sadness, and the overwhelm.

    It’s time to take huge steps that catapult you forward.

    It’s time to make space…

    For joy.

    For peace.

    For YOU. 

    It’s time to take charge and create the life you have always wanted.

    You are GOOD ENOUGH. You are WORTHY.

    That next chapter is waiting for you.

    Image by Lena Albers
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