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Spiritual Mentorship

About the Mentorship

✨6 Month Duration with a Total of 11 Sessions✨

•10 Bi-Weekly Sessions (60 minutes) covering:
-Spiritual & Intuitive Guidance
-Cultivating Sacred Daily Rituals
-Activating & Growing Your Intuition
-Trauma Healing
-Inner Child Work

•1 Birth Chart Reading Session by Astrologer & Yoga Therapist Alethia Paredes

•Customized Bi-Weekly Assignments to get you on the fast track to healing, empowerment, and spiritual freedom.

•Customized Audios to reprogram your subconscious mind

•Email, text and voice messaging access to me in between sessions to be in regular communication. You’ll never have to feel stuck or alone or have to process a situation without Cristina's support. (Monday - Thursday 10am - 3pm)

•Recommended Reading: Part of the mentorship process will be to do some daily/weekly reading. The books recommended will be exploring life changing concepts and perspectives.

•Spiritual Education: As you do your work, you will be discovering and learning about techniques, tools, and modalities that you may resonate with and want to keep in your Toolkit for your future endeavors, if you so choose to. This part, is also invaluable as you will keep these tools for the rest of your life and help countless people with them. 💓🙏🏼 Education is something that truly lasts forever.

Total Investment for 6 Month Mentorship is $7,000.

Your Spiritual Empowerment Coach

Cristina Godreau

Cristina Godreau
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