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What is womb healing?

Heal yourself first, the rest will come after.

Imagine being able to release your trauma, pain and emotional blocks in order to
create the life you have always envisioned.
Our womb is our sacred center for creation. It is our source of vitality, as well as the source of our intuition, our divine feminine energy, and a point for manifesting our desires. We birth life through our womb. That life can be a physical life, like a child, or our goals, dreams and desires. It all comes from the same place inside of us, our sacral chakra.


Womb clearing is an energetic healing for the release of any current or past trauma. When pain and emotions are stored in the body this creates blockages on many levels (physical, emotional, energetic). Our womb is our sacred chalice. This chalice holds and fills up with energy, both positive and negative. It holds our memories, past experiences, past lovers, and past trauma. In order to welcome the new, we must empty out what no longer serves us. We must reclaim our sacred center and get in touch with the woman underneath all the pain and trauma. The powerful goddess inside of you is ready to create and birth the life you have always envisioned.


Womb Clearing can help with:

  • Removing subconscious blocks 

  • Clearing out past trauma

  • Manifestation

  • Fertility 

  • Menstrual Cycles 

  • Past loss or grief (miscarriage/abortion/death of a loved one)


My signature Womb Healing technique combines numerous modalities designed to optimize your healing experience and maximize the amount of healing possible in one session. Many women feel immediately lighter. They have released years of baggage and trauma. They feel like a brand new life and chapter awaits them. Nothing makes me happier, more fulfilled and “on purpose” than getting a text or email from one of my clients letting me know she’s pregnant, has a regular cycle again, or is manifesting miracles in her life after years of struggle. The results

are astounding!

Womb Healing is included in all of my coaching packages. If you choose to invest in a Womb Healing Session exclusively, then please know that this will not include other therapies, mindset work or other customized fertility work provided in my coaching packages.

*ALL Womb Healing Sessions & Coaching are done through VIRTUAL SESSIONS on Zoom*

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